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About Us

Call Centre Hosting provides turn-key solutions for any Answering Service.

Setup accounts, answer calls and dispatch your first message within minutes of your first log in from any high speed internet connection.

Provide your Clients with a professional online manager, where they can view their messages in real time as well as add, remove or update the contacts you dispatch for.

No additional software is required, even the phone is integrated with our Cloud solution.

Send messages to your clients the way they want. SMS / text, multiple e-mail recipients, Group and All Page messaging, copy to and forward while away, as well as Daily message reports.


Whether you answer for a single office or dispatch for thousands of contacts
Call Centre Hosting has a cost effective solution for your business.


The Agent Interface - a great call starts here.


Provide your Agents with everthing they need to quickly and professionally answer every call.



On answer, an Account Pop Up provides:


Your Clients Custom Greeting.

Detailed Call Handling and Custom Scripts.

Account Details including links to their wesbite and address on Google Maps®



Find your message recipient FAST!


A quick contact search provides all your recipient details, including:


Contact specific instructions

Message delivery preferences

Contact status, available, away, on-call.



Need to find a previously dispatched message for your caller?


Search messages by caller, callback number or keyword in the message.

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